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A Lot Has Changed Since Samsung Introduced Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology

Samsung DVM A Lot Has Changed Since Samsung Introduced Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology • 2001 Samsung Introduces VRF Technology to USA Market • 2002 REVIT 4.1 released, Norman S. Wright does first VRF installation • 2003 Major retailers drop VHS tapes, the Multi-Format DVD is released • 2004 Facebook is launched • 2005 YouTube is launched, modern GPS systems hit the market • 2006 The one Billionth song is purchased from I-Tunes, Nintendo releases Wii • 2007 I-Phone is released • 2008 Honda begins sales of Zero-Emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, FCX Clarity • 2009 The 3G mobile network is introduced • 2010 The I-Pad is introduced. World’s tallest building is completed, using Samsung HVAC • 2011 Google releases Android 4.0 • 2012 The rover Curiosity lands on Mars, Windows 8 is released • 2013 Swedish Agera-S Hyper Car is introduced, 260mph top speed • 2014 You design your first Samsung VRF project With successful installations in Arizona and around the world, Samsung is a proven product. We all want a quiet, efficient and reliable HVAC system and Samsung delivers on all points. The Samsung VRF system has the best operational efficiency savings over conventional systems but the savings don’t stop there. The Samsung VRF system provides the most flexible-use system for the end user. You can stop cooling and heating the entire building when you only need comfort in one or two areas. There are no on-going monthly central plant costs, as with chiller/boiler systems that require continuous water treatment service and seasonal maintenance. When considering building options, consider Samsung. Click here to download Samsung DVM pamphlet Read More...


Norman S. Wright Company is one of Arizona’s finest HVAC distributors. Our experienced sales and engineering staff can serve you on Plan/Spec and Design/Build projects. Our talented counter folks can help you find the parts you need for commercial service and replacements as well as residential new equipment, service and replacements.

Our large, well stocked counter and showroom has all the accessories you need to get your job done. We also carry a large selection of tools.

And we can deliver that inventory anywhere in the state of Arizona, using our own trucks, package delivery services, couriers or freight shippers.

Norman S. Wright Sr. started the company in 1906 in San Francisco as a supplier of ventilation equipment to the marine industry. In 1933 Norman Wright Jr. joined the company as the company was expanding and entering the heating and ventilation field by representing several HVAC products. After serving in the Merchant Marine during WWII, Norman Wright Jr. returned to become president of the company. He strengthened the company’s HVAC efforts by establishing 14 offices throughout the West from San Diego, California to Anchorage, Alaska.

In 1952, Norman Wright Jr. hired Bob Langmade to open an office in Phoenix and Norman S. Wright & Co.SW was formed. In order to serve the southwest, offices and warehouses in Tucson, Albuquerque, and EL Paso Texas were established. in the 1970’s, Norman Wright Jr. retired and Norman S Wright & Co. SW became a separate organization from the original company in San Francisco. Today, Norman S. Wright & C0.SW has over 50 employees and over 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space to meet our customers’ needs.

We represent the best manufactures of HVAC equipment, covering a broad range of products. Our people have the dedication, product knowledge, and experience to assist you. The items listed on this web site are based on meeting your needs, the customer. Please let us know if there is anything we need to add to our stock or services to make your job easier. All of us are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding your expectations.

We thank you for your business and look forward to supporting you in the years to come.

We want to be your supplier of choice.